Agency in all german ports focused on Hamburg and Stade. Our Crew  handle 1 to 2 million tons of cargo throughout the year carried by about 200 to 300 vessels ranging from small coasters up to Cape size vessels.


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    For tramp vessels and conventional cargo ships as well as tankers we offer a complete range of professional services 24 hrs per day including

    General Husbandry Services:

    1. Port and berth information 
    2. Disbursements calculation in connection with all possible cost savings 
    3. Coordination and documentation of cargo operations of all kinds 
    4. Vessel's clearance with authorities 
    5. All kinds of waste disposal (garbage, sludge, slops etc.)

    Drydocking / Repair Attendance

    1. Coordination of deliveries and services, repairs, maintenance etc. 
    2. Arranging spare parts, and assistance in all purchasing matters 
    3. Close connection between owners/shipyard/vessel

    Crew Changes

    1. Coordination of all crew matters 
    2. Assistance in crew matters (medical care, transport, visa arrangements etc.)


    Stevedoring in the port of Hamburg:
    We can arrange stevedoring services for any kind of bulk cargo at competitive rates which includes:


    • Cargo handling/ Transhipment operations


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